How to 100% Tell if Your Florida Skunk Visitor Has Babies

Those who grew up watching the Hialeah show Looney Tunes will be familiar with the skunk name Pepe Le Pew. He is the skunk that is showing his affection to a female cat. He may appear cute and cuddly but in real life, skunks may not be that adorable. You will smell something strange when there is a skunk infestation that warrants their immediate eviction. However, if you think that the skunk has kits, the removal process will be completely different.

Signs That the Skunk under Your Porch has Kits

There are different indications that the Florida skunk under your porch has litters. Separating them from the mother will lead to their death since the infant skunks are completely dependent to their mother. You should be careful in dealing with them since you don't want to harm them. In addition, the baby skunk will be armed with spray a week after their birth.

Mating Season

The mating season of the skunk will happen during the month of February and will extend up to April. The male skunk will be persuasive in pursuing different mating partners. There are some instances when the male skunk will travel at least 5 mile to find their partner. This is considerably longer compared to the distance that they are willing to travel when hunting for food. In case the female skunk failed to conceive, she may try again during May. Gestation period of the skunk may last from 59-77days. This means that around 2 months after the mating season, the possibility of encountering a baby skunk in the den would e high.

Visual Sign

The baby Florida skunk will be born without their coat. Nonetheless, their unique stripe pattern will already be evident in the pigmentation of their skin. Their appearance will be different from the common house pest that you may encounter. You will be able to easily discern the baby skunk from the others after 8 days since they will release the pungent odor. 


Usually the baby skunk will be silent but they have the capacity to produce sound. They can create a screeching and squealing sound. After a few weeks, you will hear some scratching sound under your porch. These noises will be more prevalent during the night time that may prevent you from catching a good night sleep.

The Hialeah baby skunk will reach their sexual maturity a year after their birth. The male skunk will leave the den 7 months after their birth while the female one will stay with the mother skunk. In case you are dealing with a baby skunk in your property, you may call the help of the wildlife rehabilitator. On the contrary, if this is about infestation, you should seek the assistance of the wildlife control agency. They are highly familiar on the industry standard as well as the local and state policy regarding the removal of the skunk. This guarantees the homeowners that everything will be conducted by the book.

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