Best Raccoon Bait Available for Use in the Hialeah Area!

There are Florida people who will find the raccoon endearing, and there are others who will feel terrified when they encountered this creature. There are others who abhor their presence since they are aware about the costly damage they can inflict. In case the raccoon has invaded your property, the best possible method to remove them is by using traps. However, remember that the effectiveness of your trap depends upon the bait.

Choosing the Best Hialeah Raccoon Bait

In case you noticed some signs of raccoon infestation, you need to know that even the most excellent trap will not work if your bait will not be enough to pickle their interest. In order to help you determine the best bait that will enhance the success of your trap, we listed some of the best bait that you can place in your traps.

Think Locally

Since raccoons are omnivores, they can eat the leftovers on our Florida pet bowls, rummage our trash cans, and attack our chicken coops. The amazing adaptability of the creature allowed them to be accustomed to the different foods that are accessible in their environment. Some of the best option will perhaps be canned goods, fried chicken, roast turkey, and smoked salmon. You should not immediately expect that you will be successful in trapping them. The best type of bait will vary depending on the place they live. For instance, those who live near water sources will prefer crustaceans, amphibians, and fish. On the other hand, those who live in the wooded areas will love the taste of the eggs, fruits, and vegetables.


Some Hialeah animal welfare agency will recommend the use of mallows. Since the coons are nocturnal creates, they will be tempted on the color and shapes of the mallows. They will think that the mallows are eggs. However, remember that the marshmallows can also attract the attention of the skunks. Capturing a skunk is more complex than the raccoon due to their spray that can cause temporary blindness. Be sure to use a bigger marshmallow since the smaller ones can be mistaken for grubs.

Add Oil or Something Pungent to your Bait

Just like the different wildlife invaders, they will be attracted to the smell of the bait. You may add some soy sauce in your bait in order to give it with that pungent odor that the raccoon love. Lard and grease may also tempt the raccoon since it has an added fat that they can store to their body and use during the winter months. They will also be attracted to the sweet scent. Add some fruits and other sweet foods in your bait to increase your success of trapping the raccoon.

As aforementioned, the best bait will depend upon the natural habitat of the Florida raccoon. You may need to try a few things before you can find something that will work effectively. You should also focus on the method of placing the bait. This will greatly increase the possibility of trapping the coon.

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