Your Mothballs and Ammonia Methods Not Working? Find Out Why They're Ineffective Against Hialeah Mice

Since most Hialeah people will prefer to use the most convenient way to deter their mouse infestation, they will choose to use repellents. Unfortunately, some of these repellents are actually causing you more harm than good. Some repellents such as mothballs and ammonia will not be effective against mice. In addition, they will also have detrimental effects on the health of the household members.

The Dangers of Using Mothballs

Mothballs contain active ingredients that are class-A carcinogenic. For instance, naphthalene, which is a white compound that releases a pungent odor, can damage our blood cells. It will prevent the blood cells from consuming properties that carry oxygen. This is also probably the reason why some people will think that it will be effective against the vermin. The newer type of mothballs will contain paradichlorobenzene. From their solid state, this will gradually turn into a toxic fume. You need to avoid smelling the vapor since this is an insecticide. In case it is accidentally swallowed by your kid, this will definitely cause severe harm.

Some people believe that by placing the mothballs close to the den of the Florida mice, you will be able to deter the mouse infestation. Nonetheless, there are several reasons why it will not be effective against the nuisance creatures.

  • Even on the off chance that the mice have been bothered by the fumes of the mothballs, it will not be difficult for them to find a new nesting area inside your house. They can easily fit inside a hole that is about the size of a quarter.
  • The naphthalene found in the mothballs is relatively low and will not be enough to prevent the mice from infesting your Hialeah house. They will simply walkover the mothballs and will not pay attention to them.

  • The Dangers Associated with Ammonia

    Since the urine of most Florida animals will contain a dose of ammonia, some people will think that it will be effective against them. Sadly, mice are clever creatures and will quickly figure out that the scent will not pose them any threat. Ammonia is a poisonous compound and should never be used especially if you have pets and kids in your house. The low efficacy and the risks that come with the opened container of ammonia are some reasons why you should not use this as mouse repellent.

    Due to the fact that mice will only be active in a smaller range, the use of Florida ammonia will not be effective against them. In addition, their need for a comfortable home and sufficient supply for food will be stronger than any repellent that you will introduce in your house. In case you are experiencing infestation, traps and exclusion devices are still the favored solution.

    Prevention is always better than looking for a solution for an existing infestation. In order to stay away from Hialeah mice problem, your house should be free from items that will attract their attention. You should also do some minor home modifications that are meant to keep them at bay.

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